The only linux movie player that works ;-).

About KumaPlayer:

KumaPlayer is a full featured movie player for Linux. KumaPlayer acts as a graphical front-end for the popular MPlayer command line multimedia player but enhancing it with a full KDE user interface. Unlike other frontends, KumaPlayer its designed to look and work like all standar KDE apps, so if you use the KDesktopEnvironment, you'll know how to use KumaPlyer.
This first release has all the basic features needed to give you full control over the video, including:

  • Avaliable drivers automatic detection.
  • Audio/Video driver selection.
  • Play/Pause/Stop.
  • Backwards/Forward/Seekbar control.
  • Subtitle file selector.
  • Play info.
  • Fullscreen switcher.

  • Developers:

    Michael Mac-Vicar Prett.
    Original author, Core Developer.
    Michele Balistreri.
    New developer :-).
    Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett.
    Cofee drinker, moral support, code merger and tester.

    Current version: 0.1

    Download KumaPlayer 0.1 (tar/gziped) sources
    Download KumaPlayer 0.1 (Suse 8.0 RPM) i386 binary


  • The project has a new developer Michele Balistreri, he developed a kpart that embed the application in konqueror. This feature will be avaliable in the next release.
  • I have noted some diferences in the way that behaves mplayer in extreme situations comparing two very close versions, the major problem im triying to fix is to calculate the video lenght, this is very important to use the seek-bar, the cvs version is working with a new method but it dont works with some formats.

  • Currently working:
  • Using new ways to get the video lenght.
  • Calculate the length if not avaliable.
  • Configuration dialog.

  • Screenshot:

    Thanks to:

    The KDE Team at IRC for their patience and KDE-LIBS support.